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TIPS to Prevent Business Email Compromise

TIPS to Prevent Business Email Compromise

Business email Compromise (BEC) is on the rise and no company is too small to become a target.    BEC happens when criminals fool victims into clicking on malicious links or into unwittingly assisting in financial theft by sending emails that mimic real senders and...

Take Advantage of Digital Transformation

Take Advantage of Digital Transformation

Despite challenges, the pandemic has unearthed opportunities for businesses to reinvent their workflows and shed light on new ways to digitize their business processes.   Businesses of all sizes and across all industries felt the dramatic and adverse impact over...


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enter a long-term contract to get services and support from MashGrape Technologies?

No.  We have four levels of service including a “call when you need/pay as you go” option.

Does my business need encrypted email?

If you email sensitive information like SSN, health, or financial documents your business does need encrypted email capabilities.  You can get encrypted email services through MashGrape Technologies.

Do I need a landline to have secure fax capabilities?

No, MashGrape Technologies VoIP phone systems have secure e-fax options, including a HIPPA compliance service.

Can I get support remotely or do you have to be onsite to help me with my technology needs?

We can provide support remotely for various issues.  Onsite support may be needed when hardware is the issue.

Do I have to be a business to get support and services from MashGrape Technologies?

No.  While we cater to small and medium-sized businesses, we do offer support for individuals, be they business or residential.

Does my business need cyber security?

Yes!  Nefarious actors are increasingly targeting SMBs as larger companies are becoming harder to access.  MashGrape Technologies offers multiple layers of security features from email encryption and password protection to ransomware defense and device, server, and user coverage.

Is there a minimum number of phones or extensions required for me to get a VoIP phone system.

No.  We can provide excellent VoIP service with as little as one extension/phone.

Can MashGrape Technologies help me or my employees work remotely?

Yes.  We have a slue of services to enable you and/or your employees to work from anywhere.

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