We’ve all heard after the pandemic is gone, “how companies do business will never be the same.”  At least in some part, that will be true.


Whether it is how your customers now want to do business or in what space you and your employees now want to work, things are going to be different.

You and your employees

Now that businesses are looking to get back to “business as usual” it is time to decide what will be the new “usual” for you and your employees. 

In the last organization I worked for, everyone switched to working remotely in March of 2020.  By June, 25% were still working remotely full time, 50% split their time between remote and onsite work, and 25% were back onsite full time.  This is not an unusual example of the workforce changes implemented across the globe during the last three quarters of 2020.

According to an enterprise survey by 451 Research, 80% of companies implemented or expanded universal work-from-home policies and 67% of those plan to keep at least some work from home policies in place long term or permanently.  This dispersed workforce, with not all on location but not all remote either, or some in between, is the new “hybrid workplace.”

What might a hybrid workplace look like for your company and what supports will your employees need?


Physical controls to reduce virus transmission risk may need to be put in place including barriers and regular cleaning of high touch items like phones, keyboards, and computer mice.  In some cases, employers may want to space out employees or move them into alternative office spaces.  All those controls require thinking of the technology changes and implementations that might be necessary.


For employees working from home (or abroad) it may be time to reassess technology needs and fine tune your technology security.  For example, Zoom worked well for the short term, but many businesses have found they need a more coordinated approach to video conferencing, communications, and collaborative project work.  In terms of security, email encryption or security risk training might be items for your list.  (Email phishing attacks are on the rise.  The physical isolation of working from home makes it less easy to quickly ask a colleague if a suspicious email is from them or to hear about suspicious emails floating around.)

In Between

Employees working both onsite and remotely will need the above supports in addition to knowing how to successfully and safely transition in between the two.  Multiple staff members using the same workspace on different day and at different times has come to be know as “hoteling.”  Having a schedule in place, the proper technology supports each team member needs, and technology safety walls to keep workers from accessing other’s sensitive information are necessary.

No matter which way you go with your workforce, it may be time to find a technology strategic partner to help you set the stage for employee success and business growth.  You don’t have to do it all by yourself.  MashGrape Technologies has the resources and services to help you travers this new world of business and find the right fit for your needs.

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