Despite challenges, the pandemic has unearthed opportunities for businesses to reinvent their workflows and shed light on new ways to digitize their business processes.


Businesses of all sizes and across all industries felt the dramatic and adverse impact over the course of the past year in terms of lost revenue, reduction of staff, and cuts to spending.  Despite those impacts, there were some positive aspects and there are more to come in planning for the future.

Remote Workers and Smaller Footprint

Most companies were able to transition quickly to remote work and some were so successful that they plan to continue with a remote workforce in 2021.  Businesses realized the benefit of a smaller workplace footprint and the advantage of resiliency in the face of uncertainty.  Weaknesses in technology infrastructures, processes, and resources became evident leading to increased cloud and safety needs which are rapidly being addressed.

Customer Behavior

Another potential benefit is a significant increase in the pace of digital transformation activities which are rapidly changing business models and user behavior.  With a major uptick in the adoption of digital processes, what was planned to take place in the next five years is happening now.  It is vital for businesses to be on the cutting edge of those changes. 

To maintain a productive remote workforce, digitization has become a MUST HAVE.  What was nice to have before is now something we can’t live without.  Tools such as VoIP , secure eFax, encrypted email, digital signature capabilities, and cloud based ways to share and collaborate on projects have come to the forefront.

Measuring Success

The acceleration of digital transformation has impacted how businesses measure success as well.  Saving funds by reducing costs on rent, electricity, office supplies, printing, etc. allows companies to invest more resources in digital means of marketing and digital delivery of products.  On a deeper level, the transformation has created the drive for pragmatic solutions to safer digital communication channels, information accessibility, and given the ability for teams to collaborate with others who they may not have worked with before.

As business owners move forward, it will be highly important to continually re-evaluate their tech tools in terms of what more is needed, what is unnecessary, and what is currently underutilized and occasionally pause to consider, how to be the most productive digitally.

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