Avoid Catastrophe with Pro-Active Support Services

At MashGrape, we take a proactive stance on IT Support to help you steer clear of expensive problems rather than just help you fix them.

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Would you rather work for your technology or have your technology work for you?


Technology is supposed to increase your bottom line, not your workload.

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Planning Your IT Strategy

No ones technology is exactly the way they want it, nor do they usually have the money to get everything they want. We begin by assessing the goals of our customers and then design a plan to satisfy their needs most effectively and affordably.

We're Not That Big of A Company

Even small businesses benefit from and require a growth strategy for their IT infrastructure. Planning your growth will save you money in the long run!

We Don't Need That Level of Service

Cheap is expensive. Working with lower quality service can cost you money! Our customers tell us that working with us saves them extra costs and helps them be more productive.

The Consequences of No Strategy

Often the consequences of having no strategy at all come in the form of unexpected problems, expenses, and lost productivity time. Having a plan keeps your business running with minimal interruption.

Support Designed To Keep You Working

We prefer proactive support as opposed to putting out fires. We want to help prevent unnecessary downtime and keep you productive and profitable.

Why Do I Need Proactive Support?

Have you ever found yourself paying an employee waiting on a computer that won’t start? Addressing issues before they come to a head will save you money and minimize unproductive labor time. 

We keep a Constant Eye on Your Systems

Our dashboard shows the operating status of all our managed systems and provides notifications the moment an issue is detected so that we’re aware as soon as an issue arises. 

In The Event of A Problem

We’re ready to resolve the issue and get you back up an running. Overall, our efforts shorten or eliminate remediation time.

Repairing Assets When Necessary

We invest a lot of time and expense in our computers and devices but sometimes a repair just doesn’t make sense. We’re here to help whether that be to get your old machine up and running or move  you over to newer equipment. 

Can You Fix My Old Computer?

Yes, we have the experience and training to ensure that your computer is repaired and returned to operating condition.

When Is It Worth it to Buy Something New?

When a repair costs around 50% of the replacement cost, generally we recommend considering replacing it with new equipment.

How Can You Help with New Equipment?

We offer free evaluations to help provide the information you need to decide whether to fix or upgrade. In the event you choose to upgrade, we can help you select and purchase the that equipment you need and even help setup and install your new equipment when necessary. 

Keeping Your System Safe & Secure

Security isn’t just for big business anymore as small businesses increasingly become the target of malicious hackers and ransomware becomes more of a threat.

We Don't Store Sensitive Information

Regardless of the sensitivity of your information, ransomware doesn’t discriminate. Can you continue operating uninterrupted if all of your standard operating documents are held hostage?

I'm a Small Business I'm Not a Target

As bigger companies increase their security, hackers are happy to take advantage of the low hanging fruit. Additionally, as hacking tools become more developed, they are pursuing a wider variety of targets.

Im Already Compliant

Most businesses believe they’re doing everything right until something happens that proves them wrong. In our experience, most companies are less 50% in compliance with their industry requirements. 

Help With The Equipment Your Business Needs

We have partnerships with technology leaders such as Microsoft, Comcast, Centurylink, Ring Central, and many more to provide you with the equipment you need at the most affordable prices.

I Don't Want To Spend a Fortune

We provide a wide variety of used and new equipment to match your needs with the best performance available within your budget.

Im Happy With My Equipment

Awesome! Stick with it! We’re happy to help you keep your system running efficiently as long as possible so you don’t need to build or buy something new until it’s really necessary.

Do You Just Sell Computers?

We sell a variety of equipment from computers to networking equipment to voip phone systems so that whatever your need we have the resources to accomodate it. 

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