Windows 10 Upgrades

Microsoft has pulled the plug on windows 7, don’t leave your home or business in the dark.

Take That Step Forward

As you know by now Microsoft has stopped support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.  There are millions of Windows 7 computers out there that need to be upgraded.  This can seem like a daunting and expensive task for any small business.  At MashGrape we have experience in the upgrade process and in most cases are able to upgrade the hardware on existing computers and get them to Windows 10 for $200.  That’s right, just $200.

Benefits of Upgrading

Faster Performance

Greater Compatibility

Improved Security

More Speed

Of all the reasons to update to Windows 10, none is more noticeable than an improvement in operating speed. Users used to slower operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be impressed with the performance gains of Windows 10. Windows 10 is really the first Windows operating system to compete with Apple’s OSx in terms of start-up, or boot time.

Windows 10 streamlines the overall start-up experience by cutting down on bloatware and unnecessary start-up processes. The result is a refreshingly fast overall user experience.

Greater Useability

Windows 10 also brings significant improvements in functionality and usability. First and foremost, Windows 10 returns to the popular Windows start button. The popularly maligned Windows start tile isn’t entirely gone though. Instead of opening with a tile, Windows 10 now combines the best of both user experiences.

Windows 10 opens with a start button, but the button expands to a larger tile portal. This gives users the control and simplicity of a start button along with the live updates and graphic displays of Windows 8’s start tile.

Another major improvement is touch screen functionality. While most users will not use touch as their primary mode of usage, touch screen capabilities are still undoubtable useful for certain actions. In smartphone and tablet driven society, much of our communication with screens comes through touch. Windows 10’s touch screen functionality allows for users to continue this intuitive experience on their desktops and laptops.

Overall, Windows 10 puts a premium on functionality, bringing a simplicity to the design and user experience.

Stronger Security

Finally, Windows 10 also keeps up major improvements in security. The Secure Boot feature from Windows 8 received an upgrade to even greater security. Secure Boot requires that any program that begins as the operating system starts up needs to be signed off by both Microsoft and the hardware manufacturer. Security additions with Windows 10 make the Secure Boot feature tamper-proof. Along with Secure Boot, Windows 10 also adds key security features such as Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.


When it’s Not Worth Upgrading

In some cases the hardware is just too old to be worth the upgrade cost so we also have many affordable systems for under $500.  Your employees will thank you for the faster work tools.  You can’t buy this level of efficiency for $200 very often.  A brief free evaluation of your current equipment will help determine the best way to go.  We will come to your location and check out your systems and quickly give an estimate of the total cost of the upgrade. 


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Chris Couse and MashGrape Technologies are such an asset to our Referral Links BNI Group. Chris keeps our entire group updated on the latest technology news and practices. Not only does he work with Commercial IT, networking, and troubleshooting…but has expanded his business into the Residential sector. I highly recommend & trust Chris Couse & MashGrape Technologies.

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Chris handles the IT for my office. One day we were having internet problems and before I even called him Chris was there. He said he had received a notification from his systems and came to make sure it was fixed. I really think that was going above and beyond.

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